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  • PenrecoPersonal Care Products

    Penreco offers a unique line of Petrolatums, Waxes, White Mineral Oils, and Gelled Hydrocarbons (Versagel® and Synergel® products) which are used in various industrial and consumer applications ranging from cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to personal care products.

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  • Penreco's Petrolatums product line consist of White Petrolatum USP, Petrolatum USP, Technical Petrolatum, Mineral Jelly and Ointment Bases White Petrolatum USP. Our wide range of Petrolatum products meet FDA requirements and are suitable for your most stringent personal care formulations.

  • White mineral oils are among the most versatile petroleum products and are used in a wide variety of applications. Because of their extreme purity, these oils may be employed where only highly refined products are suitable— from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics to plastics to food processing, Penreco offers the Mineral Oil that meets your highest standards.

  • Penreco has developed a unique system for thickening and gelling hydrocarbon materials; Versagels®. With an infinite number of customized rheological properties, Penreco's Versagel® product line offers a unique system for thickening and gelling hydrocarbon materials. Ranging from from thickened liquids to solids, these Versagels are available in multiple viscosity ranges and are compatible with many common cosmetic ingredients.

  •  Penreco high purity White Oils are highly suitable for a number of industrial applications with specific performance characteristics.

     Our uniquely produced industrial white oils gives the formulators the ability to select from a wide range of specifications. In addition, Penreco has the ability to custom blend Industrial White Oil to meet to provide high levels of flexibility and achieve improved melt viscosity, and low volatility.